MPD cracks down on jaywalking

DCist reports that Metro police might actually start enforcing DC’s often-ignored jaywalking rules. Their evidence is circumstantial (some people said they got ticketed), but with the nice weather encouraging cops to get some exercise and a city-wide campaign to make pedestrians follow the law, it’s not unlikely.

It also won’t hurt Mayor Fenty’s budget. Enforcing small laws like jaywalking restrictions can be a boon for a city’s treasury, and he does have the school overhaul coming up.

Judging from my experience during another city’s jaywalking crackdown, cops pick off whomever they think looks like they have time to spare and won’t yell. A similar process is used when a Voice reporter picks people to interview for student quotes. In both cases, as long as you look gruff, you’ll get away.

Posted by Will Sommer

One Comment on “MPD cracks down on jaywalking

  1. I agree, if you are dumb enough to step into the crosswalk while a cop is right there…you deserve a ticket. Yes, it is breaking the law…big deal. I’m not on the bandwagon that “cops got better things to do” but they should at least do what they are expected to do: protect the public. I sit 8 floors up, over starbucks in Dupont. Most days I watch as a big cop stands there on 18th and N, dishing out tickets (here’s here now!).

    But, this is merely a revenue generating scam by the district. Plain and simple. He is here, next to starbucks, busting only guys in ties, women in suits, generally not so threatening folks. He lets people jaywalk on every one of the other 6 crosswalks within his view, to include people with their strollers, headsets, and little kids in their arms. He isn’t protecting anyone, he’s merely a guy w/ a gun and radio, generating 250/hr for the government, nothing more. If he was really trying to uphold the law on this corner, he would do it on every corner within his eye shot. He gives out tickets and people behind him simply walk past, jaywalking…The offender, who is busted points, shouts says “hey look they doing it too” but he cares not…just head down..writing tickets. he calls people back in the middle of the intersection, causing them to stop, try to comprehend, and spend at least 3-5 seconds in the intersection. Is This protecting the public or generating revenue without any regards for safety?

    It drizzled a little today. and the minute the drops came, he ran into his car until the drops stopped coming. Now he’s back, o..and some sedan just blew by at 50 mph in the 25mph that 18th street is…

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