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Classes got you down? Grab a copy of the Voice on the way–unless you really enjoy reading the syllabus… Here’s a few highlights:

-You’ve seen the ambulance (hopefully not from the inside), but what’s a night in it really like? Clare Malone rides along with GERMS and lives to tell the tale.

-The Voice editorial board adds its props to GERMS while it continues to worry about the state of D.C. schools.

Emergency text-messages may not be so reliable, according to the company that provides them. Will Sommer reports.

-MetaTube? Dan Cook takes a look at the best YouTube videos about… YouTube. It’s always endearing when technology becomes self-aware.

-Finland may not have fjords, but it’s one step closer to football thanks to Hoyas quarterback Matt Bassuener, Phil Perry reports. Anthony Francavilla catches up with GU Sailing, which quietly remains Georgetown’s most successful sport.

Voice Editor-in-Chief Tim Fernholz brings his righteous anger down upon the new party and alcohol policies, and explains why you should too.

The next issue of the Voice could star you! Bring yourself to Leavey 413 on Friday, August 31 at 5 p.m. to get involved. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary (although it never hurt).

As always, thanks for reading, and drop us a line if you’re so inclined.
Posted by Mike Stewart, Managing Editor.

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