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I know it feels like forever since last Thursday, but there’s finally a new Voice to make you, in the words of Kanye, harder, better, faster, stronger. You may want to pick it up to read on Friday night, since the new party rules have effectively killed the campus party scene, Kate Mays reports. Other highlights include:

-Four months after a fire threatened its existence, Phil Perry finds Eastern Market thriving even as rebuilding continues. Chalk up a victory for community spirit and fresh, delicious produce.

-Boldly going where no Hoya has gone in over 50 years, Alex Buzbee comes justaboutthisclose to making the Redskins, Anthony Francavilla reports. Could he end up playing on Sundays?

University President Jack DeGioia speaks about college rankings, alcohol policy, lecturing in China and more. John Lawless has him On the Record for you.

-Has the “new” Leo’s been sufficiently ruined for you? Sara Carothers suggests something completely different: Malaysian.

-The Villa is one way to get a culture exchange in Italy. Answering a job offer in an unsolicited e-mail and boarding a bus to nowhere in particular is another, Sarah Harman found out this summer.

-The Voice Ed Board puzzles over the relaxed SFS language requirement. This may be a Catholic school, but speaking in tongues is an acquired skill these days.

That’s just a small sampling of the flavors that make up this week’s tasty issue. Thanks again for reading, and hit us up with any news tips, comments, questions or concerns.
-Mike Stewart, Managing Editor

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