In This Week’s Issue

This week’s issue is full of goodies. I’ll let it speak for itself:

-Thinking about going abroad? Or are you a returnee battling for credit while missing the experience? Check out Madeline Reidy’s feature on where your study abroad money goes (or went). Rejected headlines include “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and “OIP on U.”

-The Georgetown community remembers 9/11/01 six years later. We here at the Voice add our best wishes to all those affected.

-BIG news on the continuing party policy saga: Metro keeps a list of “problem houses” where each new complaint will result in immediate arrests, report Juliana Brint and Crystal Chung. The news echoes Metro’s new arrest-first policy (reported by the same duo) and comes amidst rising neighborhood complaints about the Georgetown policy, reports Lynn Kirshbaum.

-In response, the Voice editorial board tells Metro to get their priorities right.

-Anthony Francavilla penetrates the world of D.C. bocce (Italian lawn bowling). I, for one, will be signing up next year.

-Size doesn’t matter, but artistry does at the D.C. Shorts film festival, writes Tae Jung Choi.

-Louisa Aviles argues that a favorite target of supposedly enlightened activism shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly. It’ll give you some food–and clothes, and medicine, and toys, etc.–for thought (at low, low prices).

Check out the rest of the issue over at the main site or in print–it won’t disappoint. As always, we look forward to your comments, which you can send to Take it easy, folks.

Mike Stewart, Managing Editor

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