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It’s homecoming weekend, when alumni and students alike revel in Georgetown traditions like Jack the Bulldog, the Fight Song and of course Georgetown’s glorious football tradition.  What, you didn’t know about the powerhouse Hoyas Hilltoppers?  Tony Francavilla digs into Georgetown’s past to tell the tale of the Great Gilroy and Georgetown’s must successful season.

Also from this week’s magazine:

-DPS carrying mace and batons should be a reality by next year, reports Crystal Chung.

-The speech is over, but the debate definitely isn’t: the ed board weighs in on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s appearance at Columbia (let dictators choke on their own words), while Or Skolnik offers a well-reasoned counterargument.

-Jheanelle Brown, communications director for the GU NAACP, responds to the Jena 6 controversy and the viewpoint expressed in this column from the Hoya.

-Sara Carothers reports on a unique performance lined up for the Davis Center, and GU student Joshua DeMinter’s innovative response to the Black Atlantic Project.

-Thinking of wandering away from the tailgate long enough to catch this year’s homecoming game?  Phil Perry looks at how the Hoyas and Cornell stack up.

And so much more in the magazine and on our website.   Until next week, you keep on writing us letters and we’ll keep on bringing the news.

Mike Stewart, Managing Editor

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