Midnight Madness: More than just a dance party this year

Monroe doctrine

You thought Midnight Madness was all for show, but the Hoyas will already be playing for keeps next Friday. Top-rated prospect Greg “The Doctrine” Monroe will be in attendance for the annual celebration that marks the first minute college hoops teams can start official practice (I wonder if he’ll have to wait outside for a ticket?). Monroe has already put the Hilltop on his short list of possible destinations, and recruiting-industry bigwig rivals.com says Georgetown may have a leg up on landing the brainiac big man. Better make some noise, Hoya fans, ’cause the McDonough facilities aren’t going to impress as much as the digs at his next stop.

Mike Stewart, Managing Editor

5 Comments on “Midnight Madness: More than just a dance party this year

  1. According to a simple Google search of “Greg The Doctrine Monroe,” I coined it.  It’s the first result about Greg (second overall) to come up.

  2. I know the headline makes reference to the doctrine, but I don’t see where he’s actually called “The Doctrine” there. I’m willing to give partial credit, although I didn’t see this before writing.

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