Falling tree strikes woman near Wisey’s

Accident 10/25

The top part of a tree trunk split off and struck a woman on 36th Street between N and Prospect Streets around 1:15 this afternoon. GERMS, the Metropolitan Police Department, DPS and the D.C. Fire Department were on the scene within minutes to tend to the victim, who was immobilized, loaded onto a stretcher and taken off the scene in a D.C. ambulance. She will be treated at George Washington University Hospital, according to Officer Brittingham of MPD. GERMS declined to comment at this time. The accident happened outside the Mortara Center, near Wisemiller’s Deli. More updates as this story develops.

View more photos after the jump.

Wide view

The scene of the accident.


Notice where the tree broke off.

Mike Stewart, Managing Editor. Photos by Eric Mittereder.

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