Romney drops out, McCain receives lukewarm reception at CPAC

Mitt Romney withdrew from the G.O.P. 2008 primary and Senator John McCain outlined his platform to a crowd of roughly 10,000 people at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) today. Speakers at the thirty-fifth annual CPAC, held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel also included Vice President Dick Cheney and Congressman Ron Paul.

Former Virginia Senator George Allen used his introduction to endorse McCain, saying he was convinced by McCain’s integrity.  When McCain finally entered the room, he was greeting by some booing amid the applause.

“I came to political office as a foot soldier of Ronald Reagan,” McCain said, “and I’m as proud of my political heritage now as I was then.”

McCain discussed many issues from fiscal spending, the Iraq War, abortion and Supreme Court appointees. His remarks on immigration elicited jeering and shouts of “No amnesty!” from the audience.  But when he mentioned tax cuts, the audience gave McCain a standing ovation.

“The first thing I will do is make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and increase tax cuts for corporations from 25 to 35 percent,” he said.

McCain ended the speech with a reference to his past as a war hero.  “I have only found true happiness while serving a cause greater than my self interest…which is our country,” he said, “I love her deeply and never tire of serving her.”

Following Romney’s announcement, some of his supporters traded in their Romney paraphernalia for the McCain posters being handed out.

Photo by Vivian Chen, Contributing Editor

7 Comments on “Romney drops out, McCain receives lukewarm reception at CPAC

  1. It never fails to amuse how a guy who traded his patriotism against america while his fellow soldiers languished, was involved in the Keating 5 Savings & Loan scandal, is friendly towards Ted Kennedy could possibly get so many delegate in Super Tuesday.

    America evidently is full of under educated worker bee drones who think they are somehow not having to pay for their ‘FREE” tax rebate check.

    Well maybe they won’t, but there children will.

    Instead of that tax rebate check….why don’t we get some of the chunks of money we all spent overpaying at the pump this year?

    Oil company record profits a coincidence? I doubt it as our government approves oil company mergers as fast as possible creating a monopoly situation & then prices go up, up, up !!!

    The people in power in this country are in control of the mainstream media as well.

    You are currently living under the illusion of freedom.

    If you think you don’t you are a fool.

    In my business in Las Vegas…. i constantly see Saudi’s & Chinese coming here on vacation, mostly in big groups & all wearing $3,000 dollar tailored Armani suits & the women wearing all couture designer fashions.

    Spending money like it is going out of style.

    You work your a** off & never see your family, can barely pay your bills & then you vote for Hillary, Obama or Mc Cain hoping for ‘Change’. lol

    Good luck with that. You are living in a dream world.

    Our politicians are mostly bought & paid for.

  2. It is doing a disservice to this country when journalists refer to Congressman Ron Paul in a context which fails to mention that he is a top tier candidate in the Presidential Election for 2008. Ron Paul is the answer to this mess, he has millions of $ left to campaign with and is the only true conservative on the ticket. He speaks truth, he wins the hearts of the younger voters and makes McCain look like a liberal. When will the media blackout STOP? This is not the American way!

  3. The elections are rigged. There’s no other to explain Mccain being the front runner. It’s technically impossible. No one likes him.

  4. Like so many Americans I look on the internet for news! The Mainstream Media has missed the boat! RON PAUL’S supporters are growing faster! He is rocketing into the White House! He is the Only one that can save this country! America is waking up!WE WILL NOT GO AWAY!!! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!

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