How to stay relevant (or at least give yourself a fighting chance)

With four GUSA presidential candidates left in the ongoing run-off election, the four who were bounced find themselves in a unique position to play kingmaker, owning a combined 482 first-place votes between them in the original election. While I don’t know of any specific endorsements yet [Ed. Note: Reliable sources inform me that Brown-Sevin will be endorsing Williams-Kesten], the ex-ticket of Sean Hayes and Andrew Madorsky have thrown themselves into the role with audacious aplomb. The pair sent the following e-mail to the remaining contenders, and then also forwarded it to both the Voice and the Hoya:

From: “Sean Hayes” <(redacted)>
To: (redacted)
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 22:26:09 -0500
Subject: Election Endorsement

Alright, so Andrew and I are out….

You have all asked me in the last 24 hours for our support/endorsement and we figured that we, being REALLY cool fun guys, would have some fun with this one.

We WILL, in fact, be endorsing a candidate very soon.

As for the two of us, we have already put in our own personal votes, but we do still have a facebook group with 160 members and don’t forget that smashing 182 we got in the primaries!

Therefore, there is only one fair way to decide who we will endorse.

– No monetary bribes (we are not trying to get in trouble)

You can find our contact info on

So boys, now the question is: What can YOU do for H&M?

Sean Hayes & Andrew Madorsky

Sure, it’s attention-craving, but that’s not exactly out of line for ex-politicians (ahem, Al Gore). At any rate, it worked. But the question is, with voting already underway, how many of those votes can they actually still deliver?

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  1. maura cassidy said that in the first election about 1,800 votes (of the aprox. 2,400) were cast within the first few hours. so if hayes et al want to make any backroom deals, they better make em quick.

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