Free newspapers for everyone! (Finally!)

A year after GUSA Prez Ben Shaw and Veep Matt Appenfeller pledged to get free newspapers on campus and a month after the planned date for their Georgetown debut, the papers have finally arrived on campus. Sleek tan distribution boxes are now set up in Alumni Square and Red Square (and, supposedly outside Leo’s and in Leavey, though I haven’t seen these ones yet). Just slide in your GoCard, pull down the door and help yourself to as many New York Times, Washington Posts and USA Todays as your little heart desires.

The papers have come in the nick of time for Shaw, who told the Voice in January, “If the newspapers aren’t here by the third week of February, anyone who wants a Washington Post can come find me and I will buy it for them.” Nevertheless, props are in order for GUSA for finally accomplishing something substantive (and the Corp and, lest we forget, InterHall feat. Caitin Chen). I’ve got to say though, having free papers on campus isn’t as great as I thought it would be. I’ve become so accustomed to getting my news online that when I snagged a NY Times on Monday, it felt unweildly and a little bulky (and, unlike the constantly updated Times website, was missing any mention of prostitutes, New York governors or potentially unsafe sexual acts).

Though the program is run by USA Today, it seems like that’s the last paper people want to grab (see photo). (Maybe Obama was just trying to be nice when he called USA Today a “respectable paper”?) Judging from what I’ve seen, people also seem to prefer the Times above the Post.

The million dollar question, though, is whether or not the deal includes the Sunday Times. I’m guessing it doesn’t—this would be too good (and expensive) to be true—but until Sunday rolls around, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed anyway.

Photo by Sam Sweeney, Blog Editor

5 Comments on “Free newspapers for everyone! (Finally!)

  1. Those boxes don’t look tan to me. Grey?

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