Silly bus, hills are for kids!

35th street between Prospect and M is reminiscent of the famed hills of San Fransisco.  For one thing, it’s incredibly picturesque, so much so that Hollywood filmmakers frequently use it in their films (such as the upcoming Burn After Reading).  For another, it’s dangerously steep—I’d put it in the ballpark of 40 degrees.

Unfortunately, the driver of this giant hulk of a bus (see above) didn’t fully appreciate this second fact.  Around one o’clock, he made the imprudent decision to navigate his bus down the hill.  It’s been stuck ever since.  According to one of the cops on the scene, they’re going to have to get an oversized tow crane to drag it off the incline.  Until then, I’d try to avoid driving by the area—apart from the congestion, I saw one of the cops hand out two tickets to cars driving by in as many minutes.

Runner-up headline: This is why we don’t have nice things.

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