Post romps, are you watching?


Sam immediately noticed what’s become a pretty obvious trend since free newspapers hit the Georgetown campus a month ago: the Times is always the first to go, usually disappearing entirely while most copies of the Post still sit there, waiting for a loving home (I’m not even going to touch USA Today). I’m wondering if openly hoping that that will change after the Post deep-sixed its competition in the Pulitzers yesterday, taking home a half-dozen of the prestigious journalism awards. It’s the second-most ever by a single paper—the Post‘s best-ever performance—and four more than its closest competitor, the Times.

I don’t have a problem with the Times. It’s a great paper, arguably the nation’s premiere one (despite yesterday’s verdict), and certainly an icon. But besides being a storied paper with what is probably the country’s best political staff, the Post is also our local paper here at Georgetown. To spend four years here and not take an interest in your community is something of a travesty. It’s likely symptomatic of many Hoyas’ larger allergy to getting out of the neighborhood at all (seriously—go for the coffee shops alone), combined with the multitudes that come here from the New York area. But please, give D.C. a try.

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  1. Is it me, or does this photo look a little photoshopped? I know it’s not—who’d be stupid enough to forge a picture of their own newsroom?—but the Post needs to take it easy on the contrast. The two women hugging look like they were just pasted there.

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