Georgetown Day: what’s good, what’s bad?

Georgetown Day‘s coming up this Friday, and its website boasts that it will be “one of the community’s most memorable experiences on the Hilltop!”. That’s not exactly the Georgetown Day I remember from last year, but maybe I missed the best stuff–where and what, readers, should every Hoya check out to get the full Georgetown Day experience?

I’ll start. Last year there was a bouncy castle on Leavey Esplanade which was pretty cool if you stood in line for it, and there was a free ice cream in front of the library, which is probably the worst place on campus to give people ice cream in front of. Best of all, the schedule promises Family Hour on Copley Lawn, which sounds like ‘Come on guys, put that beer away, the professors’ kids are here.’ but is actually Elmo and Winnie the Pooh cosplay.

-Will Sommer, Blog Editor. Photo from Flickr user World of Oddy.

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