Give the Capitals and their owner a break

I don’t know much about hockey, but I know I like to see rich old men cry. That’s why I say hurrah for Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, who got so choked up after last night’s loss that he needed a hug (above). Even if Flyers fan Mike Stewart thinks you need to drink blood during the off-season to be a real hockey team, the Capitals are cool with me.

They’re also cool with The D.C. Universe, the sleeper hit of DC blogs: “Seeing Leonsis looking as absolutely devastated as he did after the loss made for both an extremely surprising and an extremely powerful image.”

As far as D.C. versus Philadelphia goes in general, I cite this and this. But I guess it doesn’t matter because the Flyers are such barbarian mountain men vikings.

-Will Sommer, Blog Editor. Picture from DC Universe.

3 Comments on “Give the Capitals and their owner a break

  1. I don’t want to get into a Philly-D.C. brawl because they’re my two beloved homes, but wow, economic evidence is really convincing in a recession. Maybe D.C.’s rate is so low because it’s gentrified all of the “undesirables” out. Seriously, you’re offering the Business Journals as your quality of life evidence? psssh

  2. Another interesting note: Leonsis is a Georgetown alum, University trustee, part-time movie producer and a big-business macher in general. He has a hilarious blog here: Just the kind of larger-than-life character I like to see come out of this fine university.

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