DC gun purchases will remain difficult

You can buy a hat, you can buy a rat, but you still can’t buy a gat in the District, no matter what the Supreme Court says about the gun ban. The Wall Street Journal says DC will try to use zoning and a helpful (for once) dose of NIMBYs to keep people from opening gun stores.

None of the eight wards are interested in a gun store, and the government is happy to oblige them. This will hamper the imports of guns from other states, as guns ordered from out-of-state gun merchants are mailed to other gun stores for customer pick-up instead of directly to the customer.

The government is just being a sore loser. Let the neighborhoods fight if they don’t want gun stores, but forcing gun sales across the state line just takes money out of DC.

What do you think?

Flickr photo from user barjack used under a Creative Commons license. Article via The Goodspeed Update.

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