Date Lab Rat: Astrology antics

This week Date Lab pulled another gimmick by having an astrologer set up two daters based solely on their birthdates. Just like with the monkey, though, she was probably given a pretty limited selection, since these two have plenty in common without matching their houses of Jupiter.

They’re both eco-friendly outdoorsy do-gooders, and they’re only a year apart in age. He seems to be taking the whole thing a little too seriously (name-dropping Camus), but it’s a promising match.

The date starts well when she holds her own chatting about the World Cup and the NBA, but goes downhill fast when he takes the tomboy theme way too far by commenting on her eating habits. (“She has a hearty appetite. It was a total compliment”). Even if he’s into feeder porn, the attraction’s just not there for either of them: she’s weirded out that they look so much alike (“It’s definitely the ethnic thing, being too much alike as far as external features”); he thinks they don’t look quite alike enough (“I kind of go for lighter-skinned Asian girls.”)

He offers coffee after the dinner date, but she blows him off: “I was like, ‘No, I need to catch up on my sleep. I’ve had some late nights.’ And, honestly, I have. I recently bowed out with someone I was attracted to because of being tired.” Right. I’m definitely not buying that excuse, especially combined with her 3 out of 5 rating. He gives it a 5, but agrees that they’re better as friends.

Rating: 3. These two clearly aren’t going anywhere, but cattiness is always fun to read, so his quips about her eating made for some amusing moments, and the astrology gimmick didn’t interfere with the article. Neither one of the daters seems too crestfallen that they didn’t meet the love of their lives, so you don’t even have to feel bad about enjoying it.

Chances of Success: 1. It would take a serious star shift for these two to end up together.

Flickr photo from user swanksalot used under a Creative Commons licenseĀ 

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