Charles in charge (of Vital Vittles)

Yoo hoo, I’m over here”

If you only read Public Safety emails, you’re missing out on 3/4s of the fun. The real joy is following the links in the email for the full crime report. For example, you might have seen yesterday’s email about a burglary in campus convenience store Vital Vittles and gone on your way. But if you did that, you would’ve missed this gem:

A complainant reported that at approximately 8:10 p.m. while unlocking the door to Vital Vittles, he observed an unknown male hiding inside the store. The suspect stated to the complainant that he was looking for ‘Charles’ and then walked out the door. No property was reported missing.

Thinking up an absurd excuse for being inside a closed store so as to baffle your discoverer? That can only be one man.

Flickr photo from user @ly$ in wonderland used under a Creative Commons license

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