New DC lovers and haters

When Vox Populi can’t post enough to fill your hunger for DC blogging, we frantically order take-out from other sites to serve you instead. Here are two recently restructured Washington blogs that might satisfy you:

  • We Love DC. There was some drama at DC Metblogs, so some of its writers split and started this site. It’s a bit too much of a love-in now (“[In DC] I truly became who I am.”), but the design is rocking. That ought to translate into equally rocking posts once the transition’s over.
  • Why I Hate DC . Rusty, the site’s last writer, packed off for duller pastures, so new blogger Liz had to write a takedown of the Post’s 12(!)-part Chandra Levy investigation.

I’m not as impressed with Liz as some of the commenters are. Her first post continued the site’s habit of picking weak targets–no doubt she’s only sharpening her machete on media sensationalism, and will soon turn on other sacred cows like people with popped collars and Metro delays.

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