New Vittles sandwiches made by formerly homeless

Update: Erin from the Central Kitchen corrected us–the sandwich makers aren’t homeless anymore. Others were in jail, and Erin describes them as “the biggest bunch of goofy, fun, hardworking felons I know.”

Vital Vittles, Georgetown’s finest/only grocery store and sundries shop has provided students with necessities like Dunkaroos and Solo cups for decades. They also sell expensive sandwiches to high-strung doctors with stress-induced hair loss. Word on the street is that doctors and students both will have a new option this fall: wraps made by men and women who used to be homeless or imprisoned.

The wraps are made by Fresh Start Catering and Contract Food Service, an offshoot of the D.C. Central Kitchen, an non-profit corporation that provides culinary education to homeless and unemployed citizens of the District.

Bravo to the bleeding hearts over at the Corp. Sure, Panebella’s pita is to die for, but an overpriced snack does some good is even better. Guilt free = calorie free.

3 Comments on “New Vittles sandwiches made by formerly homeless

  1. This is great news. I spent some time volunteering for DCCK as part of a social justice course. Their program isn’t perfect, but their mission is admirable, their people are commendable, and the food isn’t bad either.

  2. Good deal. If I’m gobbling up wraps, they might as well be helping besides my stomach.

    What a brazen website you have.

  3. Hey thanks for the mention and getting the word out about Fresh Start sandwiches!

    Just fyi, our Fresh Start Catering staff (and the rest of the 65+ full time staff at DC Central Kitchen) are not currently homeless. Almost everyone who works in our Kitchen and Catering depts was homeless, unemployed, or recently released from prison when they went through and graduated from our 12-week Culinary Job Training program. They were then hired by the Kitchen to feed others in the community, started at $11.75/hr, and are now living independent, tax-paying, productive, happy lives with apartments, cars, etc.

    In fact, most of our Fresh Start staff was previously incarcerated, not homeless, so really your sandwiches are being made by felons! The biggest bunch of goofy, fun, hardworking felons I know.

    It’s actually a pretty good deal. Vital Vittles buys our sandwiches, prices them however they see fit, you get a great lunch, and in the process you are helping to feed, liberate, and employ people in your community. And all you had to do was be hungry. Good business all around, I’d say.

    So thank you, Georgetown students, for being hungry for a snack and social change.

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