3 problems with GUTS buses

As buses go, GUTS buses aren’t that bad. They’re a convenient way to get from Georgetown to the Metro; they run fairly regularly on weekdays; and they’re free—a ride on the DuPont GUTS bus combined with a brisk fifteen minute walk down Connecticut brings my daily commuting cost to zero.

Still, I do have a few bones to pick.

1. Some of the GUTS bus drivers won’t let people without Georgetown IDs ride the bus. Two of my housemates—one from Skidmore, one from Bates—often run into this problem when taking the bus to and from their internships. Some drivers will just let you sign a piece of paper if you don’t have a GoCard, but others refuse to let you on. My advice to non-Georgetown GUTS bus riders: persist—the rules are on your side. From the GUTS bus website:

Faculty, staff and students with a valid Georgetown University ID card can ride along any GUTS route at no charge. Physicians, staff and patients with valid GUH ID may ride the Rosslyn and Dupont shuttles. Visitors and persons doing business on campus may also ride free of charge and must show a picture ID at the time of boarding. [emphasis added]

2. On occasion, you’ll be forced to endure the ridiculous Massachusetts Ave. route. When Georgetown announced this new route in the spring, campus sentiment, not to mention the editorial boards of both the Voice and the Hoya were against it. It’s easy to see why too. The Q St. route is 1.87 miles long, while the the Mass. Ave. route is 3.7 miles. It’s most been avoided this summer, but on a couple of occasions I’ve been forced to endure the extra 2 miles.

3. Does the DuPont GUTS bus pick people up at 37th and Reservoir or not? Again, a minor point of inconsistency, but an irritating one. I don’t think it matters if the buses make an extra stop here to pick up riders or not, but GUTS should have a consistent policy. There’s not much that looks sillier than a group of people standing on the corner of Reservoir waving at the GUTS bus as it zooms by.

2 Comments on “3 problems with GUTS buses

  1. Ahhhh I hate the Mass Ave route!! I feel like I get hit with it every other day. Take this morning, for example.

    For someone who is chronically barely-on-time, it’s a killer.

  2. Mass. Ave is the worst, Simone. I’m always on the razor’s edge with my timing, too, and that route screws it all up. The kicker is that the buses had to change routes because residents complained about vibrations, but they had no problem with Metro buses.

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