Smartbike DC hits the streets today; a great deal if you can find one

At last, DC’s SmartBike bikesharing program is launching today, and our tired legs and lungs couldn’t be happier. Still, it’s already running into problems–the availability map reveals six of the ten locations already have all their bikes checked out.

Wayan at We Love DC doesn’t think much of the program, dubbing it “Dorkbike”. Hardly! Those rear wheel covers aren’t good-looking, and helmets should be provided, but this program will be a good thing for DC that gets even better as more stations (Georgetown!) are added.

Photo from Flickr user Joe in DC used under a Creative Commons license

3 Comments on “Smartbike DC hits the streets today; a great deal if you can find one

  1. I think they should have taken a little more input from the aesthetic crowd. I have a feeling people didn’t ride Segways not only because of the price, but because you look like a dork. And I can’t imagine people looking very cool on those bikes.

  2. They aren’t as snazzy as they could be, no. But think about how great it would not to have to rely on GUTS to get to Rosslyn.

    Never figured out why the Segway caught on. Did you ever ride one? It rules.

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