What does it take to get a Juicy Campus?

College gossip site Juicy Campus ruled the internet last year, letting people at a variety of schools anonymously gossip about their frenemies. Georgetown was left out of the fun/sadness because it didn’t have a section on the site.

Juicy Campus is adding 185 new schools, and Georgetown’s still isn’t getting one! Until it’s fixed we’ll have to make do with FarceFarceFarce and this Juicy Campus post about Georgetown. At least it packs a lot of nasty:

She is notorious for fucking every fratty guy in sight, particularly those that belong to a certain ‘boys only club.’ So far she’s fucked so many guys and goes after her friends guys as well. What I don’t get is how these guys still keep fucking her when they know most of them have tapped that ass. She has a nice body but her face that looks likes she’s been on crack for decades. Not to mention her stringy ass hair.

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