Bikers don’t like crashes; I don’t like scratches

The riverfront pathway in Georgetown is a great place for bikers – unless you are a pedestrian. The other day I had planned on taking a leisurely walk along the Potomac from Georgetown University to the Kennedy Center. Bikers changed my walk from a leisurely stroll to a live-action Frogger.I did not always notice the bikers headed my way, but luckily my reflexes were fast enough to allow me to make a mad dash out of the way when I was told to “watch out!” An elderly woman watching the boats go by or a child-toting parent may not be so fortunate if they were to get caught in this situation.

Some cities have separate paths for bikers and pedestrians in their parks. Now that the SmartBike program is adding to biker traffic in DC (and text messaging and emailing are taking our eyes off the road), separate paths may be an idea to consider. Or at least tell the bikers to bling up their bike with a bell.

Photo from Flickr user wallyg used under a Creative Commons license

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