Georgetown professor vows to take over Malaysia

Anwar Ibrahim, a faculty member at the Prince Alwaleed Bin-Tal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding and former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, has declared that he will take power in Malaysia on September 16.  Ibrahim believes he has convinced 30 government MP’s to defect to the opposition, switching the balance in Parliament and allowing the opposition he leads to control the government.  The Malaysian government response isn’t exactly Robert’s Rules–the government sent at least 50 MP’s to Taiwan on a trip expected to last for more than a week.

Ibrahim is known as a crusader against corruption and served as the Malaysian Finance Minister during the Asian financial crisis of 1997.  Ironically, Ibrahim has previously been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment on corruption charges.  He has also been accused of homosexuality on multiple occasions, an offense carrying up to a 20 year prison sentence in Malaysia.

While at Georgetown, Ibrahim taught Contemporary Islam in Southeast Asia.

Photo from Flickr user BugBitesandCo. used under a Creative Commons license

3 Comments on “Georgetown professor vows to take over Malaysia

  1. Hasn’t Ibrahim seen Zoolander? Being Prime Minister of Malaysia is practically asking for Will Ferrell to kidnap you.

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