Date Lab Rat: One step forward, two steps back

Funny people are usually fun to read about, so I was feeling pretty good about this week’s Date Lab. In the pre-date questionnaire, she says, “I’m told I’m funny in an ironic sort of way” (although I would have believed her a little more if she had actually cracked a joke.) Meanwhile, he shows off his own sneaky-funny vibe in the dream date question, saying that, “My biggest wish is that she wouldn’t cheat in fights.”

The date itself goes well, although they’re both awkwarded out by the fact that the restaurant’s staff is so intent on them falling in love. Weirdly, they’re both surprised by the fact that the other person likes NPR; he apparently thinks that’s abnormal for their age (23), but I’m pretty sure the 11,292 members of the i heart npr Facebook group and the Voice‘s own Simone Popperl would disagree.

Radio predilections aside, both of the daters say they’re better off as friends. But when he loses her card (intentionally or not) and fails to contact her again, her interest is renewed. She gets back in touch with a Facebook message, he invites her to a party, she says she probably won’t make it. Maybe that little bit of validation was all she needed?

Rating: 3. Reading about the waitstaff being so intense was just kind of squirmy, and there wasn’t much on the plus side to compensate.

Chances of Success: 2. The initial date probably didn’t provide enough momentum for them to make it through another round of this hard-to-get back-and-forth nonsense, so I’m guessing that’s the end for these two. But since they didn’t actively despise each other, you never know.

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