Russ Feingold rocks Gaston Hall

 Photo from Flickr user aflcio2008 used under a Creative Commons license

US Senator Russ Feingold gave a speech at Georgetown today entitled “Promoting Democracy, Development, and Diplomacy: US Interests and Values.” Senator Feingold’s speech focused on the disconnect between the Bush Administration’s “freedom agenda” and the misguided policies that have been pursued to advance freedom.  After eight years of secret prisons, sanctioned torture, and unconstitutional wiretapping, this was a refreshing and welcome address.

Feingold also praised Georgetown professor Carol Lancaster and her recent book George Bush’s Foreign Aid: Transformation or Chaos.

From his lone vote of opposition to the Patriot Act, to his principled rejection of the War in Iraq, Feingold has remained one of the truly progressive voices in the US Senate.  It was a pleasure to hear from this passionate defender of the Constitution and American ideals.

Flickr photo from user aflcio2008 used under a Creative Commons license

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