CollegeCal: clever, but not clever enough for you to switch

There have been a lot of fliers around campus lately advertising CollegeCal, a Google Calendar-like calendar service promises Georgetown-specific features. It’s a good idea that works well enough, but it’s not good enough to switch from iCal, Google Calendar, or a pen and paper setup.

CollegeCal’s big feature boils down to inputting syllabi and turning the homework listed in them into events, but that’s a pretty great feature. Unfortunately, because it’s skimming syllabi it takes huge chunks of text and often fails to make them mean anything. It also fails to distinguish between reading and work that requires more planning, like essays.

CollegeCal’s founder Dave Kassling wrote in an email that a couple hundred Georgetown students have made CollegeCal accounts. If true, that’s impressive, especially given the student body’s aversion to new internet apps. That that many students signed up is a credit to Kassling’s flyering and smart syllabi importing, but CollegeCal would’ve worked better as an add-on to another calendar system.

One Comment on “CollegeCal: clever, but not clever enough for you to switch

  1. Will,

    I’m sorry to see that you did not think the site was “clever enough” to switch. I have to disagree with you, however. We offer everything that Google calendar offers (except for a few unimportant random schedules that can be searched). How can you say that having your assignments on a calendar is not incredibly useful? This is something that simply does not exist on google calendar, plus you have to make all of your own class bubbles which takes quite a bit of time. With CollegeCal, the schedules are loaded for you and you simply have to search for the class. To me, it is a no brainer to switch.

    Also, had you looked a little deeper, you would have seen that on the “Due This Week” view the bubbles can be drag and dropped so that you can adjust the assignments should a professor change the syllabus. It is a very easy system. Does iCal offer this?

    So because there are large chunks of text you believe that it is not worth it to have your assignments loaded onto a platform for you? Come on, Will, that simply does not make sense! What about the campus events? You can look through a list of ALL campus events and simply click the “+” to add them to your calendar. Does Google Calendar or iCal offer this?

    I have to say that your argument is weak and lacks substance about what makes CollegeCal not “clever enough” for you compared to other systems. While you are entitled to your opinion. I’ll let the Georgetown students decide for themselves.

    Best of luck in your endeavors,

    Dave Kassling

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