Greg Mottla, Steve Holt, and how to destroy Juicy Campus if you want to

You’re sick of Juicy Campus, I’m sick of Juicy Campus, and it only just got here. Bear with me, though, because there’s a mewling baby censor in today’s Hoya who’s begging for a response.

Writer Greg Mottla (COL ’10) is mad about Juicy Campus, and why not– there aren’t even really any secrets up yet, and it’s already filthy. Greg is especially concerned about his internet reputation:

If I am applying for a competitive internship at JP Morgan and my interviewer types in my name into the Juicy search bar and it shows a site that says I had sex with 15 girls in Chadwick’s bathroom and am a cocaine addict, it seems likely that it will adversely affect my chances for obtaining the internship.

Any boss who takes an anonymous gossip post seriously is going to be hell to work for, but Greg makes a good point. How can Georgetown help?

Ultimately, the Georgetown administration needs to intervene. I personally do not know what the university has the ability to do without violating first amendment rights, but some action needs to be taken, and fast. Some topics have upwards of 1,500 views and this week, Georgetown was the fifth most popular search term on the site. In essence, is a cruel wildfire that needs to be extinguished in a timely manner. Ideally, the solution lies in the university blocking the site from the network known as “HOYAS,” if it is legally and technically able to do so. From this, a vast majority of the Web site’s traffic will be stopped and arguably its popularity and growth will fade, thereby keeping the identity of those “dudes who get it up too much” a secret, for better or worse.

Asking the Georgetown administration to insert itself into our internet habits is both chilling and ridiculous, and I think George Orwell already responded to it. Even people who want Todd Olson looking over their shoulders, though, know how easy it is to use a proxy server if you want to talk about who’s the biggest cokehead on campus.

A more creative tactic is already being used on Georgetown’s Juicy Campus.  Someone named Steve Holt (presumably not the real one) has been repeating that name all over the site. He/she tricks people into thinking they’re getting something “juicy”, then gives them the proverbial Holtroll. This makes reading Juicy Campus frustrating, as almost every thread is a Holtroll.

People interested in neutralizing Juicy Campus should be doing like Steve–posting real rumors about nonsense people, posting nonsense rumors about real people–instead of begging Georgetown to save us from ourselves.

9 Comments on “Greg Mottla, Steve Holt, and how to destroy Juicy Campus if you want to

  1. Oh, I’m sure the Hoya just thought along the same lines as the Herald Tribune. Nice catch, though.

    Glad to have the approval of Georgetown’s premiere internet freedom expert, Kevin. It’s just so weird to think of someone inviting Georgetown to censor our internet.

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  4. Steve Holt is a reference to Arrested Development. You not knowing that just demonstrates your lack of intelligence and my inability to take your pseudointellectual tone as half-serious.

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  6. The Juicy Campus link at the very beginning of the post is dead. A blogger page loads up but the site is no longer there. Anyone know why?

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