Alleged hate crime victim promises to get lacrosse coach fired

Update: Rennie has said the post he wrote is inaccurate, and has dropped his complaint against the lacrosse players.

Will Rennie (COL ’09), who says lacrosse players called him homophobic slurs in August, wrote a blog post today on SaxaSpeak today promising to get the team’s coach fired and the team’s season cancelled:

Currently I am in the process of getting these douche-bags kicked out of school, I am filing hate-crime charges, and I am suing them. Finally, I am going to get the lacrosse coach fired and make sure the lacrosse team never plays a game this season. No one fucks with me without paying for it.

SaxaSpeak deleted the post, but Vox Populi rolls the exact opposite way. After the jump, SaxaSpeak’s post.

I’ve replaced the relevant addresses in this post to keep free of any libel-happy lacrosse players.

SaxaSpeak is an open forum for student discussion and in that spirit we publish the following story sent to us by student Will Rennie (’09). We would like to stress that these are allegations that have not been proven in a court of law. We believe that students should be free to speak their mind, but we are unwilling to publish content that would negatively affect other students without author accountability, like JuicyCampus. Will writes:

“On August 23rd I was the victim of a hate crime at the hands of members of the Georgetown lacrosse team and quite possibly other members of the Georgetown community. I got back to the gym at around 7 PM and a friend of mine needed help moving a mattress and a box-spring out of my house on S St. While helping my friend move the mattress we had to pass A HOUSE on NEAR S STREET. At that house there were about fifteen drunk lacrosse players who were hanging out on their lawn. The first thing I hear is, “Way to move in, faggots!” and I am immediately pissed off. While passing this house for the first time, I am called “homo,” “faggot,” “pussy,” and “bitch” and I did nothing to provoke these lacrosse players. My friend and I drop the mattress off and we again have to pass this house on our way back to my house to pick up the box-spring. Again, I and my friend are called hateful words. We now pick up the box-spring and again pass by this house and we are verbally harassed. My friend, whom wishes to remain anonymous, stays at his house to set up his bed. I am now walking back alone and I am really pissed off. I am not gay, but I have friends who are gay, and I have had numerous run-ins with the lacrosse team in the past. I take off my shirt when I get back to this house and while flicking everyone off say, “If anyone of y’all motherfuckers wanna talk shit to my face, come say it to my face, and I will beat the living shit out off you.” I then proceed to moon the house telling them to kiss my pale white ass. At this point I hear, “You think you are so tough huh faggot? Well where do you live?” Having threatened my physical well-being (I live four houses down the block in case you were wondering), I call DPS and MPD.

Currently I am in the process of getting these douche-bags kicked out of school, I am filing hate-crime charges, and I am suing them. Finally, I am going to get the lacrosse coach fired and make sure the lacrosse team never plays a game this season. No one fucks with me without paying for it. There are basic standards of community behavior which we all must agree to abide by, and when those standards are ignored there will be grave consequences. I believe that alcohol, homophobia, and what I would characterized as a “douche-bag lax-bro” culture were the main three forces at work in this incident. Now I am a 21 year old adult who is 6 foot 4 and 200 pounds, so if the lacrosse team wants to harass me, who will they not harass? I hate the entire lacrosse team and I am working hard to punish them for the crimes they committed against me. ”

41 Comments on “Alleged hate crime victim promises to get lacrosse coach fired

  1. The lax players do come across as homophobic assholes, admittedly, but is it really a smart idea to press charges against people for physically threatening you after you yelled, “If anyone of y’all motherfuckers wanna talk shit to my face, come say it to my face, and I will beat the living shit out off you” at them?

  2. Sam,

    I was verbally harassed by 15-20 drunk lax players, many of whom are physically bigger than me. This harrassment occurred for over 10 minutes. Furthermore, I have had run-ins with lax players since I was a freshman. A lax player broke my arm in January of 2007 playing basketball at Yates. This summer, I was called faggot by someone at that lax house on S as I was running to the gym. They are all douche-bags and I am going to ruin them. Finally, I will note that I was the bigger man and walked away. They are cowards, it takes no guts to pick on someone 15 v. 1. FUCK 3635 S

  3. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to take out your anger on the whole lacrosse team to include the lacrosse coach. Better that justice is served on the particular individual culprits otherwise your charges will seem unreasonable and unnecessarily vindictive. Already you have weakened your credibility with some of the comments that you have made online.

    Take a picture of the guys next time. Nothing says F U and I’m going to F U like taking a culprit’s picture. It’s actually very threatening to someone to have their picture taken like that but the beauty part is its also totally legal for you to do it.

    Mooning them is not only childish but it shows a disregard for the rest of the people in the neighborhood. I mean what if I was walking down the street with my wife or daughter? Then I might have to kick your ass or better yet take your picture and show it to the cops. And talk about screwed you could end up with a sex offender rap following you around for the rest of your life.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you all don’t live in my neighborhood.

  4. Those 15 persons were in the wrong if your alligations turn out to be true. But, your public exposure and counter remarks, must be takin into consideration also. You could have escalated the situation into something quite horrible. Thank god nothing happened and no physical altercation ensued.

    As a student athlete, I know how hard it is to keep the grades and perform at a certain athletic level.It takes alot of hard work and dedication to condition and train for that sport. And in that Division……only the best can do it. Your plan of action is quite wrong and devestatingly harsh.

    Stop drawing on old grudges and get justice for what was done to you. Other wise you should pretty much charge everyone in association with them i.e, lacrosse players, athletes, “lax bros” or whatever you called them with hate crimes. Get the NCAA to cancel the next five seasons and get all the coaches fired.

    Don’t try to ruin THEIR season because of 15 drunk retard college kids. Leave the team and the coach alone.

  5. Out of curiosity, what kind of case do you think you have here?

    It doesn’t look like assault, which is defined in tort law as “the threat or use of force on another that causes that person to have a reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact; the act of putting another person in reasonable fear or apprehensino of immediate battery by means of an act amounting to an attempt or threat to commit a battery.”

    There’s no such thing as a “hate crime” absent an actual offense. Simple name calling is generally not a tort, unless accompanied by a threat or an actual battery. If I make like I’m going to punch you, such that you think that you’re going to be punched, and I call you a slur, that’s a hate crime. Just calling you from a distance is generally not, because you don’t think I’m about to make contact with you (either in a harmful or simply offensive way) You have to hang the ‘hate crime’ label onto an actual crime (that’s why it’s called bias-motivated crimes).

    The “threat” that was made, (“tough guy, where do you live?” etc.) was made in response to a threat by you that you would “beat the living shit” out of the lacrosse players – so that’s also unlikely to hold much water, because you escalated the matter. To take an example, if I were to yell “Go fuck yourself!” to someone, who then yelled back, “I’m going to kick the shit out of you!” there would be no charge for assault.

    And unless you’re suffering from severe mental depression as a result of the words (e.g. failing out of school), an intentional infliction of mental distress charge wouldn’t stick either. Most claims are generally regarded as frivolous by the courts.

    Just my two cents if you’re going to go down the court system way.

  6. You would think that administrators would have learned that “lacrosse houses” are a disaster waiting to happen – Duke University has already been through this and their endowment is about $30M lighter as a result. As they say, history always seems to repeat itself.

  7. West Coast Lax, the Duke team was fully innocent as it has been proven and the University is to blame for turning their backs on them.


    Will Rennie, cut it out. What you’re doing is just utterly pathetic.

  8. 1. I dont care what anyone thinks about me.
    2. I am bi-polar and this verbal harrasment fucked up my medication levels and made me hypo-manic.
    3, I was so angry that I was working out for five hours every day and develop such bad shin splints that I had to go to the emergency room.
    4. Fuck Georgetown lacrosse, its coach, and the majority of its players.

  9. Will, please seek help by either contacting CAPS or Health Education Services. In the meantime, if you truly have a case, it is best to lay low to protect your credibility.

  10. The DC Metropolitan PD site says verbal abuse and use of homophobic slurs could constitute a hate crime. While mere insults are usually not crimes, threats to do bodily harm are crimes in DC, so those, along with the use of homophobic slurs, could constitute a hate crime. The fact that he threatened first could give rise to the laxers’ counterclaim, but with 15 to 1 odds, it seems unlikely his threat would reasonably scare any of the laxers. Plus, the multiple instances of harrassment could combine to show a pattern of intimidation based on perceived status of being gay. DC’s anti-stalking law could be used since it criminalizes this type of behavior. “Any person who on more than one occasion engages in conduct with the intent to cause emotional distress to another person or places another person in reasonable fear of death or bodily injury by willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly following or harassing that person, or who, without a legal purpose, willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person….” So these are the possible causes of action. And regardless of the success of the criminal action, you can bring a civil action against the laxers if you incur injury to your person (becoming hypo-manic) or property as a result of their intentional act that shows the laxers’ prejudice based on your perceived personal appearance or sexual orientation.

  11. To ex-laxer/lawyer, the anti-stalking law could only be used if Will could prove that it was the same student(s) harassing him each time. Since he only generalizes them as ‘lax players’ or ‘someone at the lax house’ in each case, my guess is that it isn’t remotely possible. Not to mention that any claims about when he was a freshman is almost 3 years ago and facing a statute of limitations. Also, if there actually was malice involved, ie not an accident, in the broken arm playing basketball incident Will would have reported that when it happened….O, and did I mention that in the original voice article Will is reported to have said that it was lacrosse and soccer players, and now only says it was lacrosse players – thats great reliable testimony in court!

    To West Coast Lax, the Duke Lacrosse players had a party at their house, something that is not in any way unique, the only mistake they arguably made was hiring a stripper. You can judge that decision all you want, but they never did anything illegal (except presumably some underage drinking which many of us do) So although I am not a fan of a few of the members of our lacrosse team, lumping them together and saying all lacrosse players suck is just stupid. Not to mention that the administration has absolutely no power of who lives together off-campus, so to say they should have learned doesn’t make any sense … what could they have done?

    To Will, there is no doubt that some lacrosse players are “douche-bags” but even with only your one sided view of the events it is clear that you are no better than them. Sure they are wrong, but you are almost equally wrong (they are only slightly worse because they started it) Including the entire team and the coach in this is also incomprehensible. Last time I checked there were far more than 15 players on the lacrosse team, so despite ur belief that they all are douche-bags, you have admitted they were not all involved. In addition, the coach has absolutely nothing to do with this as does canceling their season (which it will never happen). As for your shin splints, that is entirely your own fault and it seems like you’re just looking to blame your problems on other people – the lacrosse players are not responsible for your own anger management issues. Finally, I am not surprised that you say you are bipolar because no sane and rationale human being could respond to this entire situation in such a mindnumbingly retarded manner.

  12. 1. I am NOT going to get the season cancelled because I don’t believe in collective punishment.
    2. I AM going to get the coach fired because he has no control over his team
    3. I see CAPS twice a week and meditate every day to control my anger

  13. gtownjunior,

    Your comments are ignorant and you should think before you speak

  14. 1. You won’t ever in a million years be able to get the lacrosse coach fired.
    2. You will maybe get a couple of the players that you identified yelling the slurs a couple games suspension, at most.

  15. Okay dude, you obviously need some help.
    Do you have something against lacrosse or something???

    #1, you will not win in getting the lax coach fired, sorry but your high hopes for that arent happening.
    It wasnt on the field and he probably had no control over it. NOT HIS FAULT!

    #2 You verbally abused them too by saying “If anyone of y’all motherfuckers wanna talk shit to my face, come say it to my face, and I will beat the living shit out off you.”
    You threatened them and they could sue you for the same thing basically.

    Get them in trouble, but suing someone just because your “feelings” are hurt is unnecessary.
    It is why our society is fucked because people like you are looking to make a quick buck.
    Sure, you have every right to get them in trouble (not the coach), but be reasonable and dont sue them.

    And yeah some lax players are douche bags, because there are douche bags in every sport. So dont be a steriotypical fuck.

  16. 1. I will get the coach fired.
    2. If they want to counter sue me they can.

  17. Will,

    This entire situation is out of control. You turned a simple random act of ignorance into something far too large. Your credibility is certainly gone and this is turning into a vindictive tear on your part. Instead of holding those accountable with reasonable punishment, you are overreacting and attempting to do far too much to far too many. Getting the coach fired? Be serious. No control over his players? You, Will, exhibited no such control, either. Look in the mirror. This is an isolated and coincidental run-in with a house of drunk people. There was no physical confrontation, and no threat of a physical confrontation until you escalated the situation in an unwise challenge of upwards of 15 people.

    Grow up and deal with the problems in your life. Don’t compound them by fixating all your time and energy on this incident. Mature, and move on. This is an unhealthy, fanatical exhibition of poor judgment and even poorer legal strategy. Not to mention the fact that numerous times you have singled out an entire house, and have given them reason to be very unhappy with you. This is not the smartest or best way to react after fearing for your physical safety. Generally when people scare you physically, publicly embarrassing them and calling them out is not a good way to avoid a physical confrontation.

    You’re a senior in college, Will. Act like one. And one more thing, try not to be so public with your condition. Keep it in house and deal with it on your own time. Yes, it is an unfortunate situation you’re dealing with. However, don’t expect people to feel sorry for you when you are acting so childish and immature.

    Move on, wrap this up, and don’t dwell on it.

    Oh yea, and keep doing your meditation.

  18. dude i promise you that you wont get the coach fired.
    They werent on the field and the coach didnt have anything to do with it.

    You are pretty fucked up dude.
    Its okay to be mad but you are getting out of control.

    ill bet you that if you sue them, they will sue you back for the threat you made and the verbal abuse you told them. I would have done the same thing by saying that to them, but you are stupid for trying to get the coach fired (again, this makes no sense), and you are even stupider for thinking that you will earn money out of this.

    You are whats wrong with todays world. No one really ever used to sue people for stupid shit.
    Yea sure, if a restaurant shits in your food then fucking sue that restaurant. Now that is something that is reasonable.

    Ive been picked on before but you will get over it.
    Your a fucking pussy bitch.
    Im only 5’11” and 155LBS and im more of a man than you. Stop crying

  19. Lax for Life,

    Hahahahaha. Hey Napoleon, you’re the man. So small and yet so powerful!

    Out of Control

  20. lax for life,

    1. If u wanna talk shit don’t do it annumously.
    2. I plan on donating every cent I win to charity. I have plenty of money.

  21. Lax for life

    Know this you punk ass bitch, if I ever find out who you are you will be in a lot of trouble.

  22. Will,

    C’mon, dude. Are you serious? I wish you saw how immature you look right now. The progression of this thread is ridiculous. Get a grip. Now that we know your medical history and have had a brief overview of your bank account, is there any other personal information you’d like to share? What is your credit card number and social security number? I’m simply concerned about being thorough, and I feel that it would be in the best interest of all people involved if you were to share this information with us.

    -Out of Control

  23. dude im not talking shit, im just trying to make a point that this is very unreasonable.

    Getting them in trouble is definetly reasonable because ive came across many many asshole kids that just are verbally abusive and yeah it sucks. suing is out of the question.

  24. I agree that this entire situation is ridiculous. I wish I could just enjoy my senior year like everyone else. Unfortunately I have to deal with this incident and it’s ramifications. I didn’t start any of this, but I will finish it.

  25. I never said the situation is ridiculous….even though it is. The progression of the thread and the way you are handling it is. You don’t “have to deal with this incident.” Walk away from it now and you can enjoy your senior year. Instead, you’re choosing to pursue this unnecessarily. And no, Will, you didn’t technically start this. But you could have finished it 30 seconds after it started. Instead you’re being unreasonable and acting vindictively and outrageously. You’re not a martyr. You’re a selfish…over reactor? Wrap this whole thing up and enjoy your senior year, if that’s what you “wish” you could do. Stop complaining about having to deal with a situation you don’t HAVE to deal with. Be a man and just end it.

  26. Heyyyy, everything’s getting out of control. Let’s just talk about Will’s case and his demands, not threaten anyone.

  27. Will,

    If it were April 1 I would assume that this is all a prank because you are rapidly descending into a quagmire from which legally you will have no recourse.

    As have already been said you do not appear to have any actionable cause at law. Torts of assualt and bettery are out of the question, especially because of your stated provocation. Likewise it would be a monumental stretch to say that they defamed your character.

    If you can identify those who ‘slurred’ you then you may have a course of action via University disciplinary means but you certainly do not have a legal case.

    I am glad you have deep pockets beacuse to engage a lawyer on this case would be an especially novel waste of money.


  28. This will be my last post on this message board. Anyone posting under my name from this point forward is lying.

    I am desperately trying to end this situation. This incident happened about a month ago and I want nothing more for the entire situation to be resolved fairly and quickly. Look at the escalation in rhetoric on this message board in a mere 24 hours and then place yourself in my shoes. I live 300 feet away from 3635 S St. where these lax-bros live. Everyday I walk past this house on my way to class, M St, Tombs, etc. Everyday, I receive dirty looks from people on the lax team. Now, if you haven’t been able to tell, I don’t back down from any challenge, so when people glare at me I glare back at them. When someone calls me a pussy, I respond in kind. This incident occurred a month ago and still the investigation is not over and I am beginning to become impatient with the amount of progress. Understandably, Georgetown wants to cover their ass, especially after what happened at Duke, and I understand that.

    For the past two weekends I have traveled because I fear for my safety in Georgetown. I don’t feel safe, especially since I live less than a block away from a house where 20 lax assholes threatened my safety. I am going to have to drop a class (which will make me have to take 6 classes second semester-not fun) and I am debating a leave of absence. I LOVE Georgetown, but this incident makes it so that I can no longer enjoy school and my senior year the way I ought to. That is why I am so pissed off.

    As far as legal recourse, I will say that I have been conducting my own investigation these past three weeks. I can give you three names that I have 10000% certainty harassed me (Christian, Phil, Stoddie) and they all live at 3635 S St. I make no accusation lightly because I recognize there are serious consequences for false accusations (look at Duke lax players who were innocent).

    The entire situation is extremely unfortunate and I truly wish that none of this ever had happened. But it did and I am dealing with it. I feel bad for the lax players who aren’t assholes and have had their reputation hurt. I also feel bad for the people who committed this crime against me because their lives will be negatively impacted.

    Right now I am on my way home and I will not be coming back to school until the university implements a plan to protect my safety. And lax-bros, if you so much as look at me the wrong way, you will regret it.

  29. i think that the guys who were calling them names should not have been, just because two guy were moving a bed. the guy who was getting called names had no right to swear back and moon them.

  30. Wow a bunch of kids called you a faggot. Get over it. How the hell did u get into Georgetown. You come across as the most immature, softest, and over dramatic person ive ever seen.

  31. No one messes with me!! I’ll call the administration and complain instead of going to the three kids themself and being a real man. I take cocks in the ass on a regular basis!! Im so tough I am gonna rat out three players for nothing and then leave so I dont get my bitch ass stared at by the “lax bros!!”

  32. The offensive part of that comment was the email address, and that’s not visible, so I don’t think he will see it.

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  34. Go ahead and change your tampon you immature little brat.

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