Doing domestic right: a peek inside Georgetown’s dorm rooms

After seeing my room’s decor, my roommate’s mother called me a minimalist. My side featured a bare wall and two pictures of my family. Her daughter’s side of the room, in contrast, was covered with photos and food.

My decorating sense was shown up even more when I started visiting some of the other rooms on my floor. Check out these awesome rooms:

An Artist’s Room

Lena's Room 1 by you.

This is Lena’s room. She’s an art major and she covered her side of the room with her artwork. Some people are so talented.

She also made two posters for her friends to leave stylized messages.

Lena's Room 2


The Obama Headquarters

Sam and Adam 4 by you.

Sam and Adam are Democrats, and they want the whole world to know that.

Sam and Adam 1

Inspired? Check back soon for information about a related contest…and prizes!

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