Georgetown lacrosse schedule released

The 2008-2009 schedule for the lacrosse team came out today. There’s one game against Navy in October, then the season starts in February:

Oct. 11, at Navy, time TBA
Feb. 21, at Maryland, 1
Feb. 28, at St. John’s, 1
March 7, Syracuse, noon
March 11, at Delaware, TBA
March 14, at Hobart, 1
March 21, at Duke, 1
March 25, Harvard, TBA
March 28, Navy, 1
March 31, at Mount St. Mary’s, 4
April 4, Fairfield, 1
April 11, Loyola, 1
April 18, at Massachusetts, 1
April 25, Rutgers, 1
May 2, Penn State, noon

Lacrosse is supposed to be our best team after basketball, but I’ve never seen a game. For those of you who have, how fun are our lacrosse games to watch?

UPDATE: As Roy points out, where’s the basketball schedule? It’s right here

Via Washington Times

4 Comments on “Georgetown lacrosse schedule released

  1. Funny that the lacrosse schedule — a SPRING sport — is out before the BASKETBALL schedule, which begins in two months!

  2. I notice there is a scrimmage scheduled against Navy in Annapolis this Saturday, but I can’t find any logistics on either the Georgetown or Navy websites. Can you post some details … will it be on campus or at the Navy-Marine Stadium … how much are tickets and where do you purchase … or is it free ? Thx.

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