This Week’s Issue: The Holy Grail of Cover Stories

  • In this week’s cover story, a Georgetown professor finds the Holy Grail and wins eternal bragging rights in medieval literature circles.
  • It’s September, so once again GUSA senate candidates will invite you to election Facebook groups and knock on your door at odd hours. News is there to cover this special time.
  • Two quarterbacks means double the pleasure, double the fun, for Georgetown’s football team in Sports.
  • Leisure has the best fall TV and something not-so-best: Al Pacino/Robert De Niro’s Righteous Kill.
  • Juicy Campus might be OK for the gossips at all the other universities, but here at Georgetown, we like to gossip the old-fashioned way, says the Ed Board.
  • Sarah Harman argues that people should give freshmen more liquor, in Voices.

Sarah’s on the money, even if her advice will hit your wallet. Having experienced GW’s miserable “girls free, guys $10″ parties, I know firsthand that free liquor is all that stands between Georgetown and barbarism.

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