Jack DeGioia caught trolling Craigslist

For assistants, what else? It’s been four weeks since school started, and Jack DeGioia still has no “special assistant.”  His search must be going so poorly that he’s resorted to placing an ad on craigslist, the classiest of classified sites. What makes this assistant so special, you ask?

The Special Assistant will have the opportunity to work closely with the Chief of Staff and Scheduler for the President. Duties include: advance work; assembling, assimilating and analyzing briefing materials; and making travel arrangements. This position is responsible for driving the President to and from local events and meetings. In addition they will give day-to-day support to the President as well as other duties and special projects as assigned. This is a term position lasting one year with the option to extend.

Georgetown encourages you to apply. The ad doesn’t say so, but they’ll probably even throw in a chauffeur cap!

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