The GW hippo survives

He’s hiding

Reports of the George Washingto University hippo mascot’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The GW administration is saying everything was a misunderstanding, although some GW students remain suspicious of a cover-up. Whatever’s going on in Foggy Bottom, the hippo lives.

Speaking of hippos, last weekend I went to the National Zoo and saw its hippo. The hippo’s on its way out, but if you go soon you can see it up-close in the Elephant House. Pretty good deal, especially if the pandas are bashful.

Photo from Flickr user Photo Taker 2 used under a Creative Commons license

2 Comments on “The GW hippo survives

  1. Yeah, the hippo’s kind of cute in a scary sort of “most dangerous animal on the planet” way, but it doesn’t make me want to curl up with it and rub its belly the way the Red Pandas and the Clouded Leopards do.

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