MSB kids look for boring jobs, Georgetown mourns newly poor alums

After the bailouts of Lehman Brother, AIG, and everyone else, Business School upperclassmen might be a little worried about future job prospects.  According to Businessweek, former financial titans like JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and Bear Stearns are among the top ten employers of MSB graduates.

But all is not lost. The Wall Street Journal looked at the way top business schools are coping with unemployed recent graduates. The article also advises member of the class of 2009 to put that lucrative finance career on hold for a while:

Inside undergraduate career offices, staff members are also talking to alums displaced from the investment banks about alternative options–like corporate finance and investment management. Patricia Rose, director of career services at the University of Pennsylvania, deals with undergraduate business students along with students in other majors. She says she’s even recommending students look into technology or public service jobs, which are more plentiful than coveted finance jobs.

Since the US will almost certainly ride out the financial storm in the next two years, I guess it’s time for MSB grads to start looking toward grad school or an MBA. For those who have already graduated and find themselves out of a job, though, the Office of Advancement sent out a mournful email expressing its “deepest sympathy.”

Photo from Flickr user macronin47 used under a Creative Commons license

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