So long to the SAT? Not for Georgetown.

In last week’s issue, Eric Pilch argued that the SAT plays an outsized role in college admissions – and it looks like some very powerful people agree with him. A commission of college admissions officers (including Georgetown’s Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, according to University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille) convened by the National Association for College Admission Counseling conducted a yearlong study of the test. Their report says that the SAT and ACT are poor predictors of success in college and that they give an unfair advantage to upper-class students who can pay for expensive test prep courses and recommends that universities stop relying on them so heavily.

So does this means Georgetown will be moving to a more progressive admissions model? Not quite. Bataille writes in an email:

[W]e have no plans to change our current admissions practices or policies related to the SAT or ACT. We plan to continue to require standardized testing as one part of the overall admissions application and will weigh that as one of many factors in determining decisions.

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