Alleged Georgetown professor will “kiss you with the ardor of a libidinous teenager .”

A few days ago we discovered that Jack DeGioia’s resorted to using Craigslist to search for a suitable assistant. Now it looks like one of his colleagues is also using the site, albeit for less wholesome (but much more hilarious) purposes:

Professor fantasy? – m4w – 35 (Georgetown)

Ever find yourself attracted to your professor and secretly fantasizing that at some point you’ll be alone with him talking, laughing, subtly flirting, playing coy but giving all the signs of romantic interest — then he moves close, touches your arm, pulls your body into his, and kisses you with the ardor of a libidinous teenager and the skill of an experienced lover?

Ever find yourself daydreaming about being in his class, about his nicely sculpted physique, about his attentive and sincere manner of addressing students’ questions, about his passionate interest in the subject matter, about his confidence, his flair with words, his humility about his intellectual boundaries, his warmth and charm?

If this is you, maybe you’d like to turn your fantasy into reality? Maybe a private tutorial with an handsome professor is in order? If you’re very cute and interested in a discreet relationship, I’d love to hear from you.

5 Comments on “Alleged Georgetown professor will “kiss you with the ardor of a libidinous teenager .”

  1. Everyone thought it was a funny post, but they couldn’t help but wonder, “Why was Juliana on Casual Encounters?”

  2. There’s this fat guy who sits in the computer area on the third floor of Lauinger and looks through the erotic section of Craigslist all day. He is most definitely not “sculpted.” But he is a professor – I’ve seen people come up to him and chat casually about the day’s lecture. Fuckin’ weird.

  3. Ok, he’s exaggerating about sculpted. But is “a tutorial with an handsome professor” really not in order?

    Also, “an handsome”? Talk about humility about your intellectual boundaries.

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