Michael Eric Dyson talks black aspirations in Gaston Hall

Michael Eric Dyson at the Colorado Convention Center

With soul music blaring in the background, Michael Eric Dyson stepped on the stage of Gaston Hall this evening to address several hundred members of the Georgetown community. Blending humor and poignant insights into American society, Dr. Dyson delivered a lecture entitled “No Dreams Deferred?: Black Aspirations form Martin Luther King Jr. to Jay-Z.”

Dr. Dyson began the lecture with a reference to Martin Luther King’s dream for the “American experiment” and the obstacles that stood in the way for his generation. He went on to traverse the next forty of years of American history by incorporating literary quotations, rap lyrics, and historical insights.

The speech even carried a political bent as Dyson reflected on the significance of Senator Obama’s candidacy for President forty years after Dr. King’s assassination. By the end of his thirty minute speech, it was easy to see why Cornell West called him “the most talented rhetorical acrobat in the academy.”

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  1. We didn’t record it, but I know Georgetown posts speeches on fora.tv sometimes. Check that tomorrow.

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  3. If you leave me your email address in the comments, I’ll send you a recording.

  4. I’d like to speak to Dr. Dyson on some issues I have , I’d like for him to contact me via email at the above email address. thank you!

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