Food poisoning caused by highly contagious Norovirus, 175 students sick, Leo’s open tonight

We’re getting Powerade! Information session liveblog after jump

Georgetown just sent out a message saying that the food poisoning is caused by the Norovirus, a contagious virus spread through oral and fecal contact.Georgetown is going to start a big cleaning regimen:

Immediately, student residence halls are being cleaned with a specific focus on common areas and high contact surfaces such as bathrooms, doorknobs, and handrails. Common gathering areas including Yates Field House, McDonough Arena, the Leavey Center will also be cleaned, as well as bathrooms and high contact surfaces in academic and administrative buildings.

It’s also spread by hand-to-hand contact. In June, a health inspection found that Leo’s had inadequate handwashing facilities for employees. According to the report, that problem was resolved. Georgetown says it’s going to continue normal operation, with a focus on cleaning. The message also encourages everyone to frequently wash their hands.

Norovirus apparently hits cruise ships a lot, according to Professor Joseph Timpone, a professor of Infectious Diseases at the Medical Center. I’m at the information session, so I’ll post updates as they occur.

Information Session UPDATES: Todd Olson says the new number is 175 students. Only 3 in emergency room, 2 in student health center.

  • Leo’s is open tonight.
  • Any student who has missed class or assignment from being sick will be excused. Get in touch with your dean.
  • Georgetown’s setting up a call center for parents. 1-800-208-5167. I guess it’s for calling to complain that your student is sick or could’ve been. For families with sick students: 202-444-3895
  • Dr. Timpone is up saying everyone should wash their hands. Norovirus causes all kinds of miserable nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea.
  • People whose roommates have the virus and got splashed with vomit can easily get sick. Clean up! Use bleach.
  • Degioia’s here! Timpone says don’t be upset if you get sick, the disease will pass in a few days. Just stay hydrated.
  • I’m kind of surprised DeGioia’s here, considering how awful students were treated last night at that Grill.
  • Question and answer time! Olson says he’s not familiar with the possible Leo’s handwashing connection. No word on whether you get to skip midterms, talk to your dean.
  • Someone from Solidarity is asking about employees getting sick, good point. Todd says he doesn’t think any workers got sick.
  • Todd says we’re getting lot of Powerade and hand sanitizers!
  • Students who have vomit damage in their room  should call work management at 202-687-3432. I guess they’ll help now, unlike yesterday.
  • People who have already been infected won’t catch it again.
  • Hoho,Georgetown email’s out while the University’s sending out email messages? What a mess!
  • The Assistant VP for Student Health is saying they might never identify the source of the virus. Aw.
  • and that’s it

14 Comments on “Food poisoning caused by highly contagious Norovirus, 175 students sick, Leo’s open tonight

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  2. GREAT reporting! This blog is a huge asset to gtown…

  3. Aw shucks. Thanks for reading, and everyone wash your hands! If not for your sake, then for Dr Timpone’s.

  4. The number that you put up for vomit damage put me on hold once I called. Ironically, my roommate had spoken to the same woman at this same phone number earlier today and she was unhelpful and unresponsive. After being on hold she only asked for my name and room number and didn’t say anything about when someone would be by to clean our room.

    Only good news is someone just came by to clean the doors on my floor, although I feel like it’s kind of useless if people are still sick and wandering around the floor.

  5. Thank you so much for the information. This was the best place to find out what was happening.

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  9. Someone from facilities came around to my room at about 6 pm today to steam clean the entire carpet.Although my RA says they should be going around to everyone’s rooms to disinfect them I wonder how long that will take.

  10. Glad your room got cleaned up, Vivian. Also, glad to help a concerned mom.

    Dr. Powell, thank you for the information. I’ll be including it in a round-up later tonight.

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