Georgetown to settle its issues with a pillowfight

Last year’s Dupont Circle pillowfight

Will Marks at Saxaspeak is organizing a Georgetown pillowfight for October 24th on Copley Lawn. Impressively, 391 people have signed up for the Facebook event. How do that many people have pillows to spare?

The pillow fight in Dupont Circle last month wasn’t much fun, according to Voice writer Sam Sweeney. Hitting Georgetown students might be more fun, though, since you finally have an excuse to smack the guy who asks questions right before class gets out early. You can also smack with abandon–Marks says he’s getting GERMS on standby.

3 Comments on “Georgetown to settle its issues with a pillowfight

  1. ….Anybody else have a problem with inviting 400+ of your friends to an event where you expect people to need GERMS?

  2. it’s no different from football, save for the fact georgetown football always loses but at the pillow fight everyone’s a winner

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