Staph infection hits New South, 212 sick with norovirus, USC sick too

Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson, VP for Student Health Jim Welsh, and University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille sat down with student reporters this afternoon to provide an update on the norovirus outbreak:

  • 212 confirmed cases of norovirus on campus, and seven new cases in the past 24 hours.  Two faculty members have contracted norovirus.
  • Georgetown cleaning crews and temporary contract crews have been working through the weekend to keep public areas clean.  Thousands of wipes and sixty hand sanitizer stations have been placed around campus.
  • Late night Leo’s should return on Wednesday as long as there is no significant change in the number of norovirus cases.
  • DC Department of Public Health is conducting an epidemiological study to determine the cause of the outbreak.  The results of the study should be released in the next few days.  Food samples from Leo’s have been tested.  The cause of the outbreak is still unknown, but the study should provide some insight.

  • The University does not believe there is any connection between the norovirus outbreak at Georgetown and the recent outbreak at the University of Southern California.  To date, about 200 students have contracted norovirus at USC.
  • The University does not know when Leo’s employees will stop serving all food to students, but there are no plans to continue this practice indefinitely.
  • The University has also confirmed 3 cases of the serious MRSA staph infection in New South.

Updated 6:02 p.m.: Organic to Go serves Georgetown, but apparently does not service USC, as the post previously stated.

Update 2 10:09 p.m.:  Whoops, looks like they do, according to here and here.

Update 3 (Last one, I promise):  Looks like update 1 was correct, according to an email from a company spokesperson.

As of August 2008, Organic To Go is no longer supplying grab and go food to USC as USC decided to bring its grab and go program in house.

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