Georgetown to take action against Juicy Campus? AU says so.

The most pernicious website of our time, Georgetown Juicy Campus, recently expanded to include our neighbors at George Washington and American. Now the AU Eagle is reporting that the AU administration’s official response is to wait to see what we’re doing.

[Associate Dean of Students Sara] Waldron said Georgetown will be “taking some action” and AU is waiting to see what action this is.

“We’ve contacted them to see what they’re doing with the site,” she said. “We’re going to wait and see what Georgetown does.”

Huh? Last time we checked up on Juicy Campus, GUSA President Pat Dowd told us he didn’t think the administration was going to ban it, but maybe things have changed? Perhaps the Hoya and President Pat will get their way after all…

4 Comments on “Georgetown to take action against Juicy Campus? AU says so.

  1. It’s crafty stuff. But Georgetown, we invited the Holtroll! Don’t let GW take credit for dada-izing Juicy Campus (although the dada was their invention).

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