How to avoid having your bike stolen

In the Voice this past week, the Editorial Board recommended that cyclists buy a u-lock to keep their bikes safe from theft. Simple enough, right? An item in the GW crime log reminds us of one piece of advice that we neglected to include in the ed: when using a bike lock, be sure to use it to, you know, lock up your bike (ellipsis mine, for comedic timing).

Theft 10/9/08 – Public property on campus – case closed
An individual secured the front tire of a bicycle to a lamppost and left. When the individual returned, the complainant told UPD the bike was missing except for […] the front tire. No suspects or witnesses.

In another bit of GW crime log hilarity, we find out what happens when you gotta go.

Disorderly Conduct 10/10/08 – Public property on campus – 2:13 a.m. – case closed
An officer approached an individual who was urinating in public. When the officer questioned the man, who was not intoxicated, he said that he “could not wait.” Referred to SJS.

Photo from Flickr user webshepper used under a Creative Commons license.

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