The two kinds of Magis Row houses

Mages Row

If you, like me, had an application to live in a themed townhouse on Magis Row rejected, you might have assumed the other, winning applications were much more exciting and creative. Hardly! As the list of townhouse themes (after the jump) shows, they were just lucky enough to fall into one of two surefire categories.

The first genre of Magis Row house is “Wha-?”.  Their names–Nobody Home, Hip Hop Justified–only give a vague idea of what they’re about. These are fine because Nobody Home sounds like a house full of Boo Radleys

The other kind of Magis Row house is created by printing a list of Georgetown’s favorite words–justice, interfaith, global–and pasting those words on top of one another like a ransom note. I’m looking at you, Global Health Awareness and Activism Project.

And then there’s the Community for Academic Integrity:

  • Nobody Home
  • Carroll House
  • Georgetown Green House
  • Latinas for the Advancement of D.C.s Youth
  • Education and Literacy in the Washington DC Community
  • Georgetown Minority Achievement Community
  • Beyond Georgetown: Minorities at Work
  • Justice and Diversity in Action Magis Row House
  • Catholic Social Justice Community
  • Community for Academic Integrity
  • Hip Hop Justified
  • The Global Health Awareness and Activism Project
  • GU Sisters for Christ
  • Global and Interfaith Living Community

5 Comments on “The two kinds of Magis Row houses

  1. These are great. Good to see we all know how to tell Georgetown what it wants to hear. Also don’t forget the category of minorities vaguely accomplishing something.

    My favorite house though is Community for Academic Integrity. What was their proposal, they wouldn’t plagiarize anything for a whole year?

  2. I find this blog entry to be a distasteful rant by someone who happened to be on the short end of the stick when communities were selected a few weeks ago. What was your theme? I am sure it was much more “exciting and creative” than the rest. Let’s give these communities a chance to develop and save the criticism for next year.

  3. Alternately, we can talk about their silly names and themes now, and eat our words later if they turn out to be great.

    My theme was New Media House. It was charming. There was a blog involved.

  4. I agree with Pabs here, that does sound much more exciting and creative than the glut of vague community service communities.

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