E St midnight movies go beyond Rocky Horror

I’m probably the biggest fan there is of GPB’s free weekend movie showings, but sometimes it might be nice to actually see something good, on a real projector, in a real theater, on a weekend after a nice long night of drinking. For those times, E Street Cinema (555 11st NW), the fabulous home of indie movies, is taking up the venerable tradition of midnight showings. They’ll be showing a different “cult classic” each weekend from now until the end of the year.

Shows are Friday and Saturday nights at midnight, and tickets are $8 with a student ID. Here’s the schedule:

The Midnight Meat Train • Oct 31 & Nov 1
Pulp Fiction • Nov 7 & 8
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas • Nov 14 & 15
American Psycho • Nov 21 & 22
Raiders of the Lost Ark • Nov 28 & 29
Ghostbusters • Dec 5 & 6
Labyrinth • Dec 12 & 13
The Big Lebowski • Dec 19 & 20

Anyone can dress up as The Dude or Indy, but I’ll be really impressed if someone goes the full Pulp Fiction Travolta, or pulls off a convincing David Bowie.

Flickr photo from user Kimberly Hurst used under a Creative Commons license

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