Panic! at the GPB

If the crap bands won’t come to Georgetown, Georgetown must go to the crap bands.  So thinks the Georgetown Program Board, anyway.  Not content to simply waste money bringing sub-standard music to Georgetown (Coolio), GPB is branching out.  According to the Weekly Events email, GPB is subsidizing tickets to a Halloween show at George Mason’s Patriot Center featuring Panic! at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Plain White T’s, and the Cab.  “Tickets are retailing for over $50, but you can go with GPB for only $10 for GU students, $5 GPB Members and $15 off-campus students,” the email reads.

So GPB is spending around $40 per student to go see four (terrible) bands 20 miles away from campus?  Ridiculous.  Why does GPB subsidize Top 40 concerts out in NoVa while ignoring the countless shows here in D.C. that are twice as good and one third as cheap?  I can understand that not everyone dislikes bands like Panic! at the Disco, but GPB should at least provide alternatives for people who do.

Photo from Flickr user NRK P3 used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “Panic! at the GPB

  1. Panic! at the disco is an awful band. that being said GPB did completely subsidize a free bus tickets to MD to see the Shins and Spoon that was pretty sweet last fall. I think I only got the email cause I signed up for GPB at SAC a couple years ago so it could have just been for GPB members. Give the money to the radio station, man. That way we could bring the hipsters TO campus.

  2. Frankly, there’s a reason these bands have Top 40 songs. It doesn’t mean that they make the best music, it just means that they make music people enjoy listening to. If GPB wanted to subsidize the minimum at a local jazz club, THAT would be good music…

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