Barbara Ehrenreich nickel and dimes Georgetown tonight

Photo from Flickr user david_shankbone used under a Creative Commons license

Solidarity is bringing writer and activist Barbara Ehrenreich to White Gravenor 210B tonight at 7:30.  Ehrenreich is the author of the books Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America and Bait and Switch: The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream.  Ehrenreich is also a frequent contributor to The Nation.

In Nickle and Dimed, Ehrenreich decides to give up her comfortable upper-middle class life and work for a few months as an unskilled laborer.  Leaving home with her car and $1300, Ehrenreich is exposed to the strenuous and challenging life of the working poor.  Over the course of the book she works in the women’s department at Wall Mart, tries to work as a waitress in a diner, and finds employment as as maid cleaning houses.  Despite all the advantages she had starting out (car, savings, work ethic etc.), she is never able to get ahead and achieve a sustainable standard of living. She even cleaned toilets and couldn’t climb her way up–no justice!

Photo from Flickr user David_Shankbone used under a Creative Commons license

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