The ANC Commissioners your mother warned you about

If you’re registered to vote in DC, there are already way too many things you won’t be seeing on your ballot this November. That’s why Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E commissioner and local architect Bill Skelsey deserves a kick in the pants for failing to file the paperwork necessary to get his name on the ballot on time. In a message to members of the ANC’s Yahoo group “Georgetown Forum,” Skelsey wrote:

 “Due to my work schedule, I unfortunately missed the filing dealine to officially put my name on the ballot. When you are at the polls on Nov. 2, if you live in District 03 there will be no ANC candidate listed on your voting card or electronic screen. Please know that I am running as a Write-In candidate.” (ANC 2E’s District 03 runs lies between Wisconsin and the University, and N Street and Volta place.)

Skelsey, who in his last term dabbled in off-campus keg bans, gets points for announcing his write-in candidacy with less obnoxious aplomb than Carol Schwartz, but not much else. Five other commissioners with full-time jobs (Skelsey is an architect), and one Georgetown student, all managed to file their paperwork on time–one wonders why being an architect makes that so hard.

Writing in Skelsey won’t take a lot of extra leg work, for sure. But I think it’s fair to be a little worried about electing a commissioner who doesn’t have the time to file simple paperwork-and doesn’t know on what day he’s slated to be reelected (that would be Nov. 4, not Nov. 2, Bill).

Meanwhile in Minnesota, City Desk reports that the state has brought federal charges against former ANC 3E (AU Park) commissioner Steven Posniak, who started the state’s biggest forest fire in 80 years:

“[Posniak] was camping and left his campsite while trash was still burning. The Ham Lake fire burned more than 70,000 acres and about 150 structures, including cabins and homes, valued at $4 million. According to Pioneer Press, the fire cost more than $11 million to put out.”


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