Getting into the Georgetown tunnels

Portal to the unknown!

It seems like the only way to escape election fever at Georgetown is by going underground. A lot of people have been inside the Georgetown tunnel system, but if you haven’t, now’s the time to go. Here’s how you get inside and what you should see while you’re down under.You’ll need:

  • A flashlight, or a cell phone that casts light
  • Crummy clothes that can get covered in dirt
  • A jacket
  • To read 24 Hours in the Tunnels, both because it’s a treat and because it advises you to watch out for tunnel feces.

To get in, go through the tunnel with the road going through under New North. It hosted 9/11 graffiti some weeks back. Right after you emerge on the Village C side, look to your left. You’ll see some steps leading down to a pathway. Go down the steps, and you’ll eventually come to a door (above). Hopefully it’s open or unlocked, because otherwise it’s lockpicking time. If you left your pick set at home, just check back in a few days–that door is open all the time.

Now that you’re in, the path diverges. To the right, you can travel a path that’s long but easy to walk. There’s some secret society drawings on one wall, and a boiler room at the end.

The other path is both more interesting and more difficult. At times, you’ll have to rub up against pipes carrying hot water, so your jacket will blunt the heat on your arms. At other times you have to crawl on your knees or slide over pipes, and they’re covered in dirt. I lost a good pair of shorts to those pipes, so avoid my mistake and wear something crummy. For your efforts, more secret society stuff and a secret entrance into a campus building.

You’ll run into all sorts of adventures on that side of the tunnel, but watch out for rats. I’ve never actually ran into the rats, but the Dahlgren Chapel area is basically a rat king. How could they not get into the tunnels?

2 Comments on “Getting into the Georgetown tunnels

  1. What makes the adventure so mystic is that you need to figure out how to get their yourself. This post tarnishes the allure of the Georgetown tradition.

  2. I see your point, Pabs, but now everyone can experience it. I don’t think the secret is really much hurt by this post–there’s still a lot to see down there.

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