The laziest ANC commissioner of all, and other fables


 These blurry Eastern European people came to an ANC meeting once to learn about democracy. Really!

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission might not sound interesting, but it’s actually a hotbed of intrigue. Check out last night’s meeting:

  • Commissioner Bill Skelsey, who didn’t register to run in today’s election and now has to be a write-in, propped up a little sign over Commissioner Tom Birch’s name placard that said “Bill Skelsey–Write-in”.
  • The ANC voted to stop being tax scofflaws and pay the $3,000 in back taxes and penalties it owed the IRS.
  • Wells Thomason, an adorable young man with a name like a robber baron, read a community comment thanking Georgetown students for frequenting his lemonade and cookies stand. He made $1,590 and gave it to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Kudos, Wells and students.

Also, Councilman Jack Evans’s Republican opponent Christina Culver showed up to hit her opponent on the tax theft scandal and promise a better environment for businesses. Big mistakes, because everyone knows that actually the way to run against Evans is to tease him for moonlighting.

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